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    Telehealth Advancement Conference

    Jersey City, NJ
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    What to Expect

    The HRS Telehealth Advancement Conference began last year as a forum for HRS clients to exchange their knowledge and ideas about the future of technology in healthcare. Partners and industry leaders discussed telehealth best practices, innovative programs, interoperability and the EMR, reimbursement, machine learning, and more.

    This year, HRS welcomes innovators from across the healthcare industry, from hospital and home health to insurance and policy, to continue these conversations. The 2020 HRS Advancement Conference will bring together healthcare leaders to network, brainstorm, and discuss how technology is revolutionizing healthcare.

    Who Should Attend


    ?    Provider Groups
    ?    Medicare Advantage, Commercial & Medicaid Health Plans
    ?    Hospitals and Health Systems
    ?    Hospice & Palliative Care Providers 


    ?    Healthcare Consultants
    ?    Home Health Agencies
    ?     Accountable Care Organizations

    Worth The Buzz

    Hear from last years' attendees what makes the HRS Telehealth Advancement Conference the best of its kind.
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    "A breath of fresh air. All of the speakers were interesting and relevant. The HRS team had a primary goal of having fun and that spread to all of the attendees. "

    Mary Hagen

    Telehealth Manager, Henry Ford Health System


    "We are very happy to partner with such an innovative group putting the patient and family first!"

    Rosemarie Ranuro

    Director of Clinical Services, Valley Home Care


    "The conference was amazing... the speakers were exactly what I needed to hear. Networking with others provided a confirmation that we are going in the right direction."

    Crista Wilson

    Mission Health

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    "Great opportunity to collect real feedback from people who are on the ground."

    Bez Arkush

    Founder & President, QoL Devices Inc.

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