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    The utilization of telehealth in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has the potential to revolutionize how care is delivered...

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    Tags: unique telehealth programs, policy, legislation,

    We live in a world that has wide healthcare disparities that negatively impact individuals in certain places around the globe....

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    Tags: unique telehealth programs, telehealth model, global telehealth

    Tele-rehabilitation can enhance recovery after a stroke by improving access to multi-disciplinary care and rehab...

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    Tags: unique telehealth programs, rehabilitaiton, stroke,

    In contrast to other fields in healthcare, substance abuse disorder treatment  lacks a significant technology component....

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    Tags: disease management, telemedicine, behavioral health,

    Araelle Jenison is an EMT and the Manager and Telehealth Coordinator for the Mobile Health Care System Community Check Program...

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    Tags: telehealth, remote patient monitoring, chronic disease,

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