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    Webinar: Virtual Visits, Enhancing the Care Continuum

    By Tess Meehan

    On Tuesday, December 10th, 2019, Health Recovery Solutions co-hosted a webinar with Banner Health's Care Coordination Post-Acute Senior Manager, Mandy Johnson. On the webinar, Mandy and the HRS team discussed the growing role of virtual visits in healthcare.

    Watch the Webinar On-Demand        Download the Best Practices Guide

    In the webinar, Mandy Johnson and the HRS Client Success team highlight:

    • Virtual care benefits to patients and clinicians

    • Types of virtual visits and their impact on clinical workflow

    • How to launch a virtual care program and overcome potential barriers to implementation

    • Incorporating specialists to improve access and care quality

    • Best practices for patient education, clinician prep, and conducting virtual calls  

    • Establishing an ROI for your telehealth and virtual care program

    During the webinar, the HRS team reviewed several studies establishing the cost-effectiveness and patient benefits of providing virtual care, including studies from Jefferson Health, Kingston Health Sciences Centre, and Intermountain Health Care. Download the research packet to read all studies references in the webinar.

    To learn more about virtual care and telehealth, including best practices for improving patient outcomes and establishing an ROI for your telehealth program, listen to the full webinar


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    Download the Telehealth Best Practices eBook

    At HRS, we understand how daunting it may seem to launch a telehealth program, that's why we've put together a best practices guide to help you succeed!

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