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    Preparing for PDGM

    The Role of Telehealth




    On September 17th, Health Recovery Solutions and BlackTree Healthcare Consulting hosted Preparing for PDGM - The Role of Telehealth, taking an in-depth look at the implementation of PDGM, the growing role of telehealth in home care, and revenue considerations that will accompany the impending rule. 
    The webinar highlighted the following topics: 
    • Centralized telehealth models for therapy visits in PDGM: Operataional and Revenue Considerations
    • Telehealth, PDGM, and Revenue Considerations
    • Incentivizing therapists with telehealth: what it means for PDGM and home health
    • Episode timing and telehealth: PDGM and cost management


    Here, you can view the full webinar on the HRS YouTube channel. As well, you can access the complete webinar slide deck by submitting the form.



    Rich - PDGM Webinar_1