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    Virtual Visits: Enhancing the Care Continuum


    The use of virtual visits is increasing rapidly across the healthcare industry. Learn from the HRS Team & knowledgeable clients about how to improve clinical outcomes and enhance continuity of care by leveraging virtual visits.


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    Tuesday, December 10th, 2019
    1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

    The Webinar will Review:


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    Launching A virtual Care pROGRAM

    From training your clinical team to creating a virtual care space 



    Best Practices 

    What you need to know - from visit prep to outlined script 

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    Developing ROI for Virtual Visits

    Through improved clinical outcomes and reduced hospitalizations

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    Enhancing Clinical Workflow

    With fewer in-person visits and increase clinician buy-in

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    Incorporating Specialists

    To maximize clinical resources and patient communication


    Increasing Patient Satisfaction

    With added touch-points, reducing patient loneliness and anxiety

    Webinar Hosts


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    Mandy Johnson, MSW

    Mandy Johnson is the Care Coordination Post-Acute Senior Manager for Banner Health's Telehealth Program. Prior to developing the Telehealth Program, Mandy worked as a social worker in both the acute and post-acute settings for nearly 10 years. Under Mandy's leadership, Banner's Telehealth Program has seen improved quality scores, an increase in patient engagement, and a reduction in hospitalizations.

    Mandy holds a B.S. and Master's degrees in Social Work from Arizona State University.



    Devon Wetter

    Devon Wetter is a Client Success Manager at Health Recovery Solutions. She joined the organization early this year and is passionate about helping organizations create successful telehealth programs. With a background in e-learning, she has a true belief that through the use of Virtual Care Visits, patient experience can be significantly enhanced through different engagement strategies.

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    Jonathan Kijne

    Jonathan Kijne is a Client Success Manager at Health Recovery Solutions. Initially interested in physical therapy and later in home health care technology, he joined the Support team in September 2018 and is grateful for his experiences serving HRS clients at various levels. From assisting patients, caregivers, and clinicians with daily operations to refining telehealth programs with organizational leadership, he is particularly excited by the growing role of virtual tools that help providers maximize their resources while maintaining high standards for patients’ experience and quality of care.

    Download HRS' Virtual Visits

    How-To Guide

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